The Creation of WeberTech

WeberTech was founded by Roy Weber to revolutionize clothing and develop superior apparel that is exceptionally crafted with innovative technology. This was after realizing that there was nothing in the market that was smart, comfortable, and performance-oriented.

After extensive research, we created a high-performance apparel line that is built with an innovative material with exceptional wicking power. Not only does it set breakthrough standards in the apparel industry, it is also a celebration of style without compromise. Mostly important we’re going to continue innovating and designing apparel that people love to wear.

Our Customer-Focused Solution

To deal with the problem of sweaty and soggy clothes, Weber Tech developed a shirt that blends cutting-edge technology with exceptional craftsmanship. One that draws moisture from the skin and transfers it to the outer layers, leaving you comfortable, cool, and insulated.

WeberTech’s high-performance apparel line was created to meet the demands of a modern generation. And with the rise of work from home, we ensured our apparel was designed to look smart without sacrificing comfort – allowing you to look and feel good on or off camera.

Our customer-focused solution addresses your need for high-quality fabric, extraordinary wicking power, and attention to detail in every apparel item made.

Enter WeberTech Technology

Innovative Technology & Versatility

We asked ourselves, “How can we ensure our apparel has no limits and can be worn in the office or at the gym?” The solution was simple. We designed a product made from high-quality fabrics delivers the ultimate working comfort, free, flexible movement all the time. And in design 2.0 we use proprietary high-tech material that makes our Tees the go-to for all your activities — Lounge, work and work out in style.

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Light Years Ahead of the Curve

Designed by experts in material science, WeberTech apparel offers unrivaled detail and performance. Our shirts are developed with innovative technology for those seeking clothing that's light years ahead of the curve.

High Quality Fabrics

Our apparel is made of silky-soft and stretchy material that is wrinkle-resistant, so you can experience comfort while sitting, standing, and most importantly, standing after you've been sitting. The time for wrinkled shirts is over. And you can trust your WeberTech shirt to always look fresh and be ready for anything life throws its way.

Superior Wicking Power

WeberTech allows you to stay dry and keeps your skin cool - even in the most intense situations. The inner layer wicks sweat off your body; making it 50% more absorbent than your regular cotton shirt. Now you can eat and drink with the confidence that you will return to work feeling fresh and dry.

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