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Welcome to WeberTech Apparel

The first-of-its-kind apparel and technology company. Our handcrafted
style merged with never-before-seen technology gives you an experience
that you have never felt. Outfitted for the office or outdoor excursion,
this game-changing shirt will redefine how you view apparel.

Fashion collides with cutting-edge technology.

WeberTech’s revolutionizing double-knit contrasting Tencel fabric and sleek
design are optimized to mold to your body. Our passion for technology, fashion,
and the “finer apparel side of life” drive the intricate design patterns and fabrics
in every product we proudly offer. WeberTech is more than just a shirt,
it's a breakthrough innovation producing never before seen results.

A shirt with versatility.

We asked ourselves, “How can we ensure that this shirt has no limits and can be worn in the office or the gym?” Our answer was to design a product that had nearly indestructible seams. Our five-thread flatlock stitch ensures that you can move around without fear of tearing your seams.

Light Years Ahead of the Curve

Designed by experts in material science, we’ve spared no
expense when it comes the attention to detail. This shirt is for
those seeking clothing that's light years ahead of the curve.

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Silky-soft material that is wrinkle resistant. So you can feel comfortable sitting, standing, and most importantly, standing after you've been sitting. The time of wrinkled shirts has ended. You can be confident that your WeberTech shirt will always look fresh and ready for anything.

Wicking Power

WeberTech allows you to stay dry and cool - even in the most intense of situations. Our-top-of-the-line design structures the Tencel fibers so close together that they allow liquids to glide off. The inner layer wicks sweat off your body; making it 50% more absorbent than your regular cotton shirt.

WeberTech - Performance, Technology, Comfort.

Tencel fiber technology is designed with performance in mind. Manufactured to be
strong, soft, and most importantly, breathable - this technology enhances the performance
of any activity. Our apparel makes it difficult for bacteria to grow; this means that
with WeberTech you can go about your day without fear of odor enhancing bacteria.

TENCEL™ Lyocell fibers offer
functional benefits to your customers and products
wearing comforts offered by TENCEL™ Lyocell fibers
  • enhanced

  • gentle on skin

  • strength

  • contribute to

  • drape

  • smoothness

  • unfavorable for bacterial growth

  • sheen

  • minimal static charge

  • color vibrancy

  • thermal regulation